Ride Review: Hurricane

Hurricane, made by Dartron and formerly by Hrubetz, is really one of the quintessential carny rides. It absolutely reeks of carnival in terms of its appearance, sounds, and ride experience! It’s made up of a large tower with six, four person cars at the end of six long arms. The arms are attached to the top of the tower and are able to swing out to a horizontal position with the help of air pressure. The cars themselves are attached to pulleys that keep the car sitting upright when the arms swing out.

The Ride

An older Hrubetz model

An older Hrubetz model

A bit of advice, if you’re with another person and there aren’t many people getting on the ride, make sure you take separate seats in the car (ie. one person in the back, one in the front.)

Riders are secured in with a standard ratcheting lapbar with no padding; older models use a flip down bar that locks much like a Paratrooper with one of the doorknob looking locks. Once everyone is secured, the ride starts to spin. The ride rotates at a pretty good clip and pushes everyone out to the sides of the car thanks to the centrifugal force. The lapbar will dig into your leg a bit if your riding alone in a seat; if you’re riding with someone, the lapbar will hurt…a lot!

Next the arms begin to swing out via compressed air blasts. The arms gain height with each swing until they are completely horizontal. You really fly high at the pinnacle of the swing and when the cars drop back down you get a quick sideways snap due to going from a large spinning radius to a small one. Once the air reserve runs out, which is pretty quickly, the ride op will sometimes just let it spin for a bit until the tanks refill, and then do it again.

Other Info



There is a newer version of the Hurricane called “Downdraft,” which is the same ride only your legs dangle from the car. It also looks like the cars are tilted a bit more so you don’t experience the uncomfortable lateral Gs of the original Hurricane as much, then again I really don’t know. I’ve also been on another ride at Coney Island called “Saturn 6;” it’s like an older version of the Hurricane made by Mulligan. The difference is that the center tower is a bit fatter and the car don’t compensate for angle; meaning you are sideways when the arms are flung out all the way.

A somewhat funny story about the Hurricane was when I was on it with one of my friends back in the day. He was sitting in back of me and was doing something to annoy me during the ride, I forget what. Whatever it was, I had enough of it so I spat onto the unoccupied part of his seat. due to the lateral force, the spittle started creeping towards him. The ride ended before it hit him which is alright considering that it was more fun to watch him stare at it and try to get as far to the side of the seat as possible.

That was an awful story, actually!


  • edward says:

    This is an OK ride but it’s not nearly as intense as a Saturn 6.

    • DoD3Brian says:

      I agree, Saturn 6 is a bit more more intense than Hurricane, mostly because the cars go sideways and it’s a bit unnerving. I don’t like Hurricane as much because of the awful lateral forces; they should at least give the cars a bit more tilt! Although I don’t know if I can ride these types anymore as I came off Saturn 6 really nauseous on my last ride some two years ago.

  • Invisible_Jester25 says:

    I remember going on this one at one of those parking-lot carnivals… I was only freaked out because I was afraid the car would unbolt and hit the concrete, thoroughly splattering me. >.< Fun ride, though!


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  • wavymouth says:

    bahahahaha, bahahahaha hurricane rules, can’t breathe on it and i laugh like spongebob. oo its starting on the hurricane with my internet fone. i allmost wost wy phone. can’t breat very wel gees. o man o gees arrgh i..cant..mov. wow. that was AWESOME! i’m going again!!!!!!!

  • gary giovanniello says:

    I have seen pictures of a vintage one at Coney Island from the 1940’s or 50’s and it appears the cars held about 8 people…..I first rode this in ’74 on the Casino Pier in Seaside Heights….it was called Saturn 6 and it was a great ride, very fast, lots of sweep movement.

  • the worst fucking ride in existence. dont ride!!!! it crushes ur thigh if you ride with 2 people and is on the outside. DONT RIDE THIS IS YOUR WARNING

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