Ride Review: Himalaya

Super HimalayaHimalaya is a type of ride made by many companies such as Mack, Bertazzon, Wisdom, and Reverchon. They typically go under three general names: Himalaya, Musik Express, and Super Himalaya

Himalaya is comprised of X number of cars (depending on the model) attached to sweeps that radiate from the center. Each car is outfitted with a wheel underneath the carriage that rolls along a track. Riders are restrained with a simple lapbar. Many Himalayas today also use seatbelts as a secondary restraint.

The Ride

Musik ExpressA ride on a Himalaya isn’t very elaborate as far as movement; the cars travel in a circle and navigate a set of hills in the process. A ride on Himalaya is is more about the atmosphere along with the willingness of the ride op to crank up the speed dial.

On a traveling version, a Himalaya will almost certainly have music being played. After all, a Himalaya is called a “music ride” for a reason. Many Himalaya rides will also feature lighting effects such a strobe lights, flashing LED or turbo lights, disco lights, and in some cases laser lights. Fog machines are also a popular additions as are bubble machines. Finally, a horn is usually standard fare for these rides and will be sounded when the ride reaches its highest speed.

At theme parks, Himalaya rides will usually be toned down. Most don’t go too fast nor have lighting or fog effects. Some don’t even have music which makes the ride kind of boring if you ask me!

Other Info

There are many different Himalaya rides made by various companies, the major ones are:

  • Bertazzon: Musik Express/Super Himalaya, 20 cars, 13.5 rpm
  • Mack: Musik Express, 20 cars
  • Wisdom: Himalaya, 22 cars, 11.5 rpm
  • Reverchon: Himalaya, 24 cars, 12 rpm

HimalayaHimalaya is one of those rides that can be customized as far as artwork, lighting, and overall appearance making some models extremely unique looking. Some other rides that are usually customized in a similar fashion are Breakdances, Miamis, and Matterhorns among others.

While surfing around, I found this neat little site called May’s Himalaya Fan Website; it’s a great place to find information and check out detailed photos of the older Reverchon Himalayas.


Bertazzon manufactured Musik Express formerly at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, NJ. It was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy, but they replaced it the next season.

Polar Express at 12th Street Amusements in Coney Island, NY. This is an original Reverchon model, or so I hear.

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  • hailey says:

    i love this ride, but what songs do they play on it in 2009 ?

    • DoD3Brian says:

      Well, from what I’ve seen, most Himalaya rides play either mid-90s techno, hip-hop, or old school rock. Whatever the person running it likes gets played I guess.

  • JJ says:

    Back in the mid through late 70’s, Himalayas all played Electric Light Orchestra- cranking so loud, you could hear it in the parking area 2 blocks away! Those were the best times to ride these beasts. The operators were NUTS and they did some pretty crazy & entertaining stunts on and off of the moving sleds. Thanks for the nostalgia. I’m ready to go ride one right now!! – JJ ’71

    • JOHNNY J. says:

      the late great johnny j alive and at large in the great state of Alabama. just being a little nostalgic. as I think back your right we really were a little crazy back then…thanks for the memories of lost times

  • Kevin says:

    I was one of the operators of the Morey’s Piers Musik Express during the 2009 season. She was my beloved baby!

  • Cat says:

    I’m the newest operator for the Morey’s Piers Musik Express, and I love her already! Everything is controlled manually, so she’s a very fun ride to operate. I love it when I get a ride filled with enthusiastic people, especially. I miss the old Judas Priest backdrop myself; the underwater orchestra thing is a bit too cutesy for me.

    • DoD3Brian says:

      Awesome, maybe I’ll see you on the Musik Express when I go down to Morey’s in August! The new backdrop isn’t too bad, I mean it fits the location I guess, but it kind of reminds me of Spongebob or something. lol

      • lmbunni says:

        We were just there for spring beach jam 2011–I would love to know some of the playlists–they were fun!

  • slackerina says:

    The Musik Express at Six Flags Great Adventure was a much better ride in the 1980’s. Back then, the ride had flashing lights, a cool backdrop creating the tunnel effect in the back half, and the operators blasted AC-DC and Led Zeppelin so loud you couldn’t hear yourself speak. The ride also went backwards back then. At some point after I stopped working there (late 80’s/early 90’s) they stopped running it backwards. By the time I was taking my own kids there, they had removed the backdrop and stopped playing music altogether, making it the rather boring version that you describe here. But I’ll always have great memories of that ride in its better days!

  • pepe toño says:

    I want to buy an Himalaya ride, I like the Reverchon and Mack brand, please contact me for information about one of thst rides..

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    si es posible mandeme informacion exaustiva, y su catalogo de juegos en venta.
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  • emari says:

    the ride is ok at the amusent parks but some stopped playin the music and the flashing lights and the back drop also,other than that i like it lol 🙂

  • Jessica says:

    your lovely Moreys Piers ride op from 09-10. I love Monique Musik Express to pieces <3

  • garry g says:

    seems the Musik Express variety have smaller hills/dips…..the original Himalaya’s
    I remember had the disco ball that was pitched 180 degrees to create falling snow effects, the tunnel had a stobe light, and the front portion had spotlights that would turn the cars green, red, purple and yellow. And there were always the tight sweater super shapely ski chicks painted into the scenery….Palasaides Amusement park had 2 at the same time, one was a “Super Himalaya” and the other one was jungle themed and called the Jaguar….when I first started driving back in’77 Coney Island had a very old Himalaya (with the painted on red letters), Music Express, plus a Cortina Bob
    which was also a snow scene and very uncomfortable to ride because you sat with your partner between your legs and you would get tossed to the outer side of the car….(the only other model like this I’ve seen was in the mid 60’s on the Funtown Pier in Seaside Heights and I believe that one was called Sun Valley)..The Polar Express also seems like an antique version- the hills are steep, the back of one car fans in slightly to the car behind it, I believe these cars are made of wood, and they face counter clockwise….there was also one at CI called the Super Cat which had a double dip as opposed to the high pitched back, and a canopy would cover the riders when the ride was at top speed (Cat= Caterpillar)…Swiss Bob was also a well known snow themed ride, and a lot of fun to ride because of the lights, music and the speed. Each car bore the flag of a nation that would enter Bobsledding events, and the rides were always shiny and polished…very hard to find these days….Manufacturer was originally Edy Meier (SIC?) of Zurich who also introduced the Himalya

  • garry says:

    I am so glad there is a fan site for these rides……they are such a big part of so many folks summer years growing up!! I for one, had to behave the entire summer to make one trip to Seaside Heights or Palasaides Amusement Park as a kid!…I envied the kids that went more than one time or visited several places so much!

  • Arnold says:

    The former Magic Isles amusement park that closed in the late 80’s had one but I’m not sure which company made theirs. They had a DJ in the booth that would play modern rock songs of that era. One operator/DJ loved to play “Freeze Frame” by the J. Giles Band every other hour or so. Very cool ride for a young teen especially at night with the lights came on!

  • Chad says:

    Back in the 80 s there was a carnival at the Masonic homes called the Masonic picnic. It was put on by the Masonic lodge they had a himalaya ride there and the operator Would play one of elo’s songs about once an hour . Can’t remember the name of that song for nothing .does anyone know the songs name?

  • Jamie says:

    Does any one remember a New Revechon Himalaya came to Coney Island in 1976, 1977 and 1978 on the corner of Stillwell ave. and the Bowery, behind Nathans Hot Dogs? Then it was replaced with a Revechon Matterhorn called the Disco Express 1979 and 1980. These rides at the time were the Newest Rides to come to Coney Island, Fantastic Lighting and a Spectacular Sound System, a nice Smooth Fast Exciting Ride.

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