Ride Review: Fireball/Afterburner (KMG)

Fireball is a ride made by Dutch manufacturer KMG. Since the first one debuted in 1998, the ride has gone on to be one of the most widely seen “spectacular” rides at fairs around the world. The ride was one of the first high G-force pendulum style rides that seem to be all the rage these days.

Wild Claw - KMG Fireball

Wild Claw – Reithoffer Shows

The ride itself is comprised of four large supports that hold up a hub at the top. The supports are attached to two trailers that contain water tanks to act as a ballast for the ride. From the hub hangs a large swing arm with a claw looking wheel at the bottom. The claw has six arms with gondolas attached to the ends of each arm, each one containing four seats for a total of 24 passengers. Riders are secured with a bulky, over the shoulder harness.

The Ride

Fireball - KMG

Fireball – Strates Shows

After everyone is secured, the loading platform lowers and the ride begins to swing; it’s much like a swinging ship ride at this point. The claw then begins to rotate as the arm swings. The claw is billed to rotate at a maximum of 15 RPM. The boom will continue to swing until it hits a peak of 120 degrees, basically half upside down. The maximum height of the swing is 65ft (20m.) At the bottom of the swing, riders are subjected to some pretty substantial G-forces. If you happen to be on the side of the claw that is rotating with the motion at the time of the swing, the G-force will feel even higher!

Other Info

Freak Out - Great Allentown Fair 2013

Freak Out – Powers Great American Midway

Fire Ball is not the official name of this ride. The ride is formally called “Afterburner” by KMG with Fire Ball being one of the more popular stock themes for the ride. Other names given to this ride are Wild Claw, Cyclops, Chaos, and Rocket.

KMG offers a one trailer version of the Fireball called Freak Out which has four sets of seats as opposed to six. Freak Out also has a front to back swing configuration as opposed to Fireball’s side to side configuration. This allows the the ride to swing over the midway. KMG also offers a massive, 130ft (40m) model called XXL. It holds 20 riders, racks onto three trailers, and can swing up to an incredible 151ft (47m.)

After the ride’s success, many other companies quickly produced their own versions of Fireball. One of the most noteworthy are Chance’s Revolution rides that many amusement parks have installed. Revolution comes in two flavors: 20 seat and 32 seat. Another common one is Technical Park’s Street Fighter which, like Freak Out, holds 16 riders. Technical Park also has a looping version named Street Fighter Revolution. Mondial offers an XXL type ride called Mistral, which in turn comes in inward and outward facing seat models. At one time, Zamperla and Fabbri offered Fireball type rides called Nitro and Space Jam respectively.

Fire Ball became widely known in the summer of 2017 when an unfortunate accident occurred involving a Fire Ball ride at the Ohio State Fair. Afterwards, KMG ordered Fire Ball rides worldwide up to certain serial number to be closed while they investigated the cause of the accident. Their findings indicated that the accident was caused by excessive interior corrosion of the hollow support beam that holds the rider gondola. KMG released a safety bulletin on August 2nd, 2017 outlining how to inspect for corrosion inside the beam as well as adding scheduled visual inspections of the affected area. The safety bulletin can be viewed at this link.


A KMG Freak Out in action


  • tammy says:


  • Msstevye says:

    Any ride that u have to put that chest guard on needs either to be taken down or fixed for big chested women it is a shame that bigger chested women can not ride rides like that. The fireball is terrible anyway u have to jump up on the damn thing to even get up there who ever made that ride needs to be slapped thumbs down to that morone

    • sheilaa says:

      agreed when i went on i thought i was buckled in thank godddd my cousin was messing with me and made the bar go up right before ride started we were screaming not in not in lol im also big chested and i woulda been dead

    • ScaryMizzzMary says:

      OMG. I just went to The Meadowlands Fair In N.J. lastnight. Everytime the fair comes my friends & I literall go like 5 times because we are fair freaks!!! Anyway I go on the Fire Ball 7 times on Saturday night. We return Tuesday night & they tell me “Your too big to ride this ride… Try switching seats with your friend…Sorry sensor won’t go off on that seat either… you can’t ride this ride” WHAT IS THE SCIENCE BEHIND THIS??? I mean hey I have a big chest not to shout it out like crazy but a 36DDD (I know big) & I ate a Gyro some Zeppoles & drank a medium Coke but I don’t see how that could have made me gain like 50Lbs in 3 days!!!
      & I am also a little thick too but I can’t understand how one day it’s all good & then 72 hours later they say HELL NO!!! Confused Man :/

    • jessie says:

      I totally understand. I couldn’t ride this and got kicked off in front of my friends.

  • Max says:

    My absolutely favorite ride… KMG designs great rides, that’s for sure! However, @Msstevye, not only girls have problems… you’r b*lls will hurt, too … these damn seats with their pins in the middle!

  • alissia says:

    hey its alissia i went to the october fest in daytona and i saw the fireball and i went on it a guy pucked and it got on my friend. it was nasty….. it was awsome

  • Jessica Evans says:

    I’m a 15 year old girl and tried to ride this ride but I was to large. I weigh less than 200 pounds! I have never been so embarrassed. Then need to change their restraints because I’m not that big! Yes I’m overweight I will admit but not big enough not to be able to ride a ride! I have never had any trouble with any other ride EVER.

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