Ride Review: Breakdance

BreakdanceBreakdance, manufactured by Huss Rides, is probably the most wild non-inverting ride there is. It seriously comes down to the operator though. When run at a modest speed, Breakdance is nothing more than a family ride. If the speed is cranked up, then you’d better hold on for dear life.

Basically, Breakdance is a souped up Tea Cups ride. The ride consists of a large, downward pitched turntable holding four or six satellites, depending on the model. Each satellite holds four cars that are able to freely spin. The cars are mounted in such a way that they’re level when pointed outward but tilted when pointed inward.

According the the Huss Rides website, among other features of Breakdance such as “variable electric motors” and being “an impressively large, fast and attractive ride”, they also add in that this ride has “a high flirt factor due to gondola design and opportunity for interaction.” Well damn, those people at Huss just thought of everything, didn’t they?

The Ride

BreakdanceRiders choose a car and flip down the overhead lapbar. The bar has a sliding lock on one side operated by a small handle. Some models of Breakdance have locks that can only be opened by an attendant, because you know, us riders can’t be trusted to not open the lock and be flung from the car. Once everyone is loaded, the turntable and satellites begin to revolve…and that’s basically it!

As I noted in the first paragraph, the ride experience all comes down to operation. Most amusement parks in the US will run their Breakdance rides at a moderate speed, turning it into a ride good for everyone. Other Breakdance rides, such as damn near every single one in Europe and Astroland’s old Breakdance, are thrill rides through and through.

BreakdanceThe best Breakdance I have ever been on was at Astroland located in Coney Island, NY. The ride was run as fast as it could go and whipped riders around mercilessly throughout the cycle. It was only ride where I found myself clinging to the lapbar for fear of being launched through the backwall or over Cyclone or something equally insane.

One thing I always remember about the Astroland Breakdance was that the operators would always say the line “if you wish to get off this ride, simply raise your hand. We’ll set you free!” That basically said it all! Since Astroland has closed, the US pretty much has no good Breakdance rides left. It’s a shame I tell you!

While Astroland’s Breakdance was wild, videos of Breakdance rides in Europe seem even more intense, especially the massive six satellite models.

Other Info

Cortina Bob Crazy Dance

Cortina Bob, a Fabbri Crazy Dance

Breakdance comes in four flavors. Breakdance 1 is your standard four satellite model. Breakdance 2 is a six satellite model that has a larger turntable radius. Due to the larger radius, the satellites achieve a greater speed than standard models.

Breakdance 3 is a more portable offering the ride. This model has four satellites, contains no backdrop and has a modified turntable that is shaped sort of like a cone, as opposed to being flat. The Rodeo rides at Six Flags parks are themed Breakdance 3 models. Finally, there’s Breakdance 4. This model gets rid of the turntable and backdrop altogether. ‘Wipeout’ at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is an indoor Breakdance 4.

There’s also plenty of knock-off Breakdance rides made by various companies. The most well known is Fabbri’s Crazy Dance, which can be seen traveling around the US. Crazy Dance is more portable than the Huss counterpart but its top speed is far lower than Breakdance. Other companies that have cloned Breakdance include Sobema (Break Dance), Top Fun (Magic Dance), Nauta Bussink (Star Dancer), Safeco (Blade Runner), and Parkash (Break Dance).

In attempt to jazz up the ride a bit, the Fabbri Crazy Dance has an upgrade that adds lifting arms to the satellites to tilt them a little. As cool as that is, the Huss Breakdance still looks like it gives a wilder ride. I don’t beleive any Crazy Dance ride in the US has this upgrade.


Astroland’s Breakdance On-ride

Crazy Dance Off-ride

And here’s a video of Kinzler’s Breakdance No.1, a Breakdance 2 model. As an added bonus, the beginning of the video features how the boarding process works at European funfairs. Video thanks to Youtuber fandefete.

Header Image: Break Dance [HUSS] Meyer – Wiesenmarkt 2015 Eisleben by Gérard Cox


  • Night-san says:

    I’ve ridden the Breakdance my fair share of times; there’s one running at Six Flags: Kentucky Kingom.

    Sadly, it’s one where the operators don’t care. The first ride I had on it was fun, but after that I could sit and yawn. =/

  • a cool breakdance site from israel i hope u r gonna engoy =)

  • emari says:

    i never rode the ride but it looks pretty fn 2 ride,man i feel sad that i never rode it,well good luck 2 me it will be @my fair this year 2011 babyyy!!!!

  • Joey C. says:

    they have this @ Elitch Gardens in Denver, Colorado it is called something else. It was also @ Kentucky Kingdom, but the park is shut down now.

  • garry says:

    BREAKDANCE is a new take off on the early 60’s popular ride Calypso…..the cars didn’t spin on Calypso…..Palasaides NJ had one called the HOOTNANNY….
    this is a update of a older ride, similair to the Kite Flyer being a new form of Paratrooper, which was a update of the even earlier SPITFIRE…..I miss the good old days of Roll O Planes, Flying Coasters, Lifting Paratroopers, Swiss Bob’s, and even the notoriously hazardous SWINGIN’ GYM…..worst rides I ever rode? Something called SPINAROO, The Boomerang, and a rare mid 60’s ride called the Meteor….there are videos of this on UT….never got to ride the notorious Chance TURBO…it was at Seaside Heights NJ Casino Pier for about 2 years like 71-73 and out of service both times I went…..

  • Max says:

    By the way, we’ve got a similar ride from mondial (Netherlands) here on German funfair grounds, called “Shake”. It basically is Breakdancer plus loopings… Really weird looking, and damn intense!

    See here:

    Awesome ride, but like Breakdancer depends on the operator. Mostly operators here in Europe tend to be great at times the funfair ground is not crowded (with rides 5 minutes and more), but when there are lots of people waiting they will give you a short ride and try to kick you out as soon as possible… that’s why I ride mostly before noon 😀

    • DoD3Brian says:

      I’ve actually seen a Shake here in the US once before and it still travels around, just not in the northeast US where I am. I beleive it’s called Magnum. I’m still kicking myself for not giving it a spin, but at the time I didn’t know if I could take the flipping and spinning.

      Breakdance is definitely a ride that needs to be ‘driven’ instead of just turned on auto. Unfortunately the US has NO traveling Breakdance rides anymore and the amusement park versions are terribly slow. I need to go to Europe sometime and ride a real Breakdance!

  • DKnux says:

    Is the breakdance in Morey’s Pier still around? I surely miss the one in Coney Island. That was my favorite. Oh man they need to have that ride on the east coast for sure!

  • Dieter says:

    Where is the coney island breakdance going? I know they sold it but dont know where!

  • wavymouth says:

    looks like sooo much fun!

  • Aytakk says:

    Breakdance has been a favorite since I first rode it at Adelaide Show in the early 90s. Its become a staple travelling ride they have every year (like the Gravitron and Matterhorn). Looking forward to having another ride at the Adelaide Show in a couple of weeks 🙂

  • Rico says:

    The best Break-Dancer is in Germany. They have +/- 40 Breakers.
    There also 3 Break-Dancers 2


    Visit this site, is the best ride ever…

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