Polar Express Coney Island Gallery

As part of the video I uploaded recently to my YouTube channel, here’s the corresponding photo gallery of Polar Express, a Himalaya ride in Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY. I’ve heard that the ride hasn’t operated since 2018 and that Deno’s Wonderwheel Park now owns the land that Polar Express and the rest of the 12th Street amusements were on.

Of note is the final photo, which shows the ride without the cars or the canvas that covers the sweeps.

Update: The ride is gone along with all of the other rides along 12th Street. Deno’s Phoenix roller coaster now occupies the spot.

Here’s the video, taken in 2013.

And another video of the ride in 2007.


  • kasean harris says:

    what the update on polar express ride is it returning or is it moving to another site in the area cause that the first thing I go too in coney island

  • Judah says:

    Jocko, Severn, Preacher, Hippie, Bobby, Paul, Felix, Green Eyes, George, Freddy, Rebel, Bigman, Original members of the Polar Express. 1972-1977

    • John Foy says:

      Hi Judah … I’m an old half-assed Coney Island historian and I’m trying to learn more about the Polar Express. I’ve been trying to learn when it first appeared on West 12th Street, and I think you just answered me. Did it first arrive in 1972? I sometimes hear this ride was originally the Super Himalaya on Stillwell Avenue and Bowery Street. Is there any truth to that? I would love to hear more about its early days. I appreciate your post very very much. Thank you!!

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