Article Roundup

This is basically a collection of articles from a time before I had a blog. All new commentary style articles can be found by using the “observations” category on the blog.

Why I Failed Highschool Spanish
“The teacher was terrible. Spanish is too hard. The class was not engaging enough.” No…it wasn’t any of that!
Scorched Earth: The Mother of All Nostalgia
One of the most addicting games of my childhood. Mass destruction was ensured and failure was not an option.
The Evolution of Domain of Death 3
A history of this website, how it came to be, and an exposition in laughably bad web design (it was the early 2000s, give me a break.)
My War Against Cave Crickets
I hate cave crickets, and they hate me. They would love nothing more than to cause me misery and I gladly reciprocate.
The 3 Most Incredible Natural Events I’ve Seen
Let’s call a spade a spade, this is an old article about cool things I’ve seen up until like 2008 or something.
Remembering Action Park
My personal account of Action Park from back when it was still injuring visitors.
Working at a Small Amusement Park Sucked
Dealing with petulant children and helicopter parents while getting paid minumum wage and standing in hot and humid conditions is always fun.
TV 2 Cents pagesTV 2 Cents
Don’t go here, these articles suck. I only leave them up because…well, why not.