[DoD3 Note: Here is the DoD2 main page, un-edited with the exception of the links. It's really, really simple. At the time I had no idea about using tables in webpages. Most of the sections I have now were present back in the DoD2 days. The only others are Weird Stuff in NJ and Stick Deaths.]
Welcome to the Domain of Death! Here you can find metal and rock band reviews, astronomy stuff, stick deaths and much more. Does that sound good? If it doesn't get the hell out now! But if it sounds like a barrel of good stuff then come on in, make yourself at home, put on some slippers, sit in my nice velvet chair and here, have a hundred bucks! But since this is the internet, just get yourself a drink, some potato chips, and have fun!

Updates: Grand Opening of Domain of Death.

Heres the sections, their titles are so self explanitory that a trained monkey could figure it out after it died by being run over with a tractor trailor 10 and 1/2 times! [DoD3 Note : nice visual, isn't it?]


Weird Stuff in N.J.


Stick Deaths

Who the Hell Made This Crap?!


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