Crapstravaganza Week 5: Morey’s Piers 1996

Main article: Brochure: Morey’s Piers 1996 After doing Islander last week, I may as weel keep the Wildwood, NJ theme by featuring a Morey’s Piers brochure from 1996. At this point in time, Morey’s had just unveiled several rides including The Great White, a large wood/steel hybrid coaster designed by GCI. Rides, coasters, cheesy looking […]

Crapstravaganza Week 4: Islander Raceway & Amusement Park

Main Article: Brochure: Islander Raceway & Amusement Park Islander was a small dive of an amusement park just outside of Wildwood, NJ. You might remember this place when it was open in the mid to late 90s as you passed it on your way into Wildwood. You also might remember it from passing it recently […]

Brochure: Six Flags Great Adeventure 1998

Main Article: Brochure: Six Flags Great Adventure 1998 To kick off ┬áthe first of a multiweek series entitled Theme Park Map Crapstravaganza we have a Six Flags Great Adventure 1998 brochure (Ok, so it’s not a map like the series title states) back when Chiller was brand new…kind of. This particular one actually features an […]