Dorney Wasting No Time with Laser

News Plus Notes is reporting that the deconstruction of Dorney Park’s Schwarzkopf manufactured Laser coaster is well underway. Dorney Park sold the Laser to showmen Thomas Meyer and Theo Rosenzweig who will continue to operate the coaster on the German funfair circuit. Considering that the ride was designed as a portable coaster, it really shouldn’t take too long at all to fully tear it down. Laser has been at Dorney since 1986; prior to that it was located at Playcenter São Paulo in Brazil under the name Colossus. You can check out the tear down photos at the News Plus Notes link above.

With the removal of Laser, “Colossus the Fire Dragon” at Lagoon in Utah will become the only remaining Double Loop in North America.

Six Flags Flaunts 3Q Report

A teleconference about Six Flags’ 2008 third quarter performance was held this morning for analysts, media, and Joe six packs who wanted eavesdrop. In the call Mark Shapiro and crew outlined how the company has shown a revenue gain in the 3Q, going from $464.2 million in the 3Q in 2007 to $489.3 million this 3Q; a 5.4% increase. Along with an increase in revenue, the chain has also lowered expenses and rose per guest spending (aka how much money is spent in park by you, the guest.) Shapiro described it as the best year ever for Six Flags adding that the company is on track to be free-cash-flow positive and that “the foundation has been laid for significant long term growth.”

Of course as some people at the GAdv Online forum pointed out, they probably lowered expenses simply by removing flatrides and the Chiller at Great Adventure!

You can read an overview of the report at MSNBC
A webcast of the 46+ minute teleconference can be heard at the Six Flags website.

Main Article: Brochure: Six Flags Great Adventure 1998

To kick off  the first of a multiweek series entitled Theme Park Map Crapstravaganza we have a Six Flags Great Adventure 1998 brochure (Ok, so it’s not a map like the series title states) back when Chiller was brand new…kind of. This particular one actually features an image of the Chiller’s old, old harnesses; before the large black harnesses and the lapbars. Viper and Scream Machine even get some love in this brochure!

The Dreaded Off Season is Here

A number of things happened on November 5th 2008: Americans exercised their right to vote, Barack Obama became president elect, and for thousands of theme park fans the buzz of that final amusement park visit of 2008 ended. What follows is a long off-season until your favorite park opens in April…well unless you reading live in one of the southern states where parks don’t close, you lucky duck…

To satiate your theme park needs and lessen the off-season blues, the DoD3 will continue to update regularly through the off season with news, updates, reviews and more. I’ll also be introducing a new weekly series where I’ll upload a full theme park brochure or park map from yesteryear; all straight from the DoD3 Vaults (an old junk drawer.)

Let the countdown to various opening days begin…

Six Flags Great Adventure announced two weeks ago that they will re-theme and add new effects and features to their floorless B&M coaster Medusa. It is now becoming apparent that Medusa’s new theme will celebrate one of the parks most notable past coasters…Shockwave.

Shockwave was of course Great Adventure’s old blue and white stand-up coaster that opened in 1990 before being taken down two years later and shipped off to Six Flags Astroworld. Considering that Medusa was the first floorless coaster ever and Shockwave was the first stand-up coaster on the east coast, perhaps the new Medusa/Shockwave will be the first floorless/stand-up in the world!